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Printer of choice


Brough Superior Club

Brough Superior Club was set up to foster the preservation and use of the W.E. Brough and Brough Superior machines.

They have been using Ridgeway Press for a considerable time to print their monthly Journal, its supplements and inserts, handling, in addition, the mail out all over the world.  Over the years, Ridgeway have also produced books, booklets and calendars, amongst other things, that have required considerable pre-press input in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

According to Terry who is the Secretary at Brough, over these years the service they have experienced at Ridgeway has been exemplary and on the infrequent occasion that something has gone wrong (if only we lived in a perfect world!), it has been rectified with no quibble.  Terry says they have no hestitation in recommending Ridgeway Press as their printer of choice - 'We have found them to be flexible and understanding of our requirements at all times.'

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