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Leaflets & Flyers

What makes a good leaflet or flyer?

That depends – there is no single recipe for a ‘good’ leaflet or flyer but you should always start with some planning.  You should consider what you want your leaflet to achieve, who the audience is, what you want the reader to do once they’ve read the leaflet (the Call to Action) and how you are going to distribute them.  These considerations will help with the design, size and materials for your leaflet.

The look and feel of the leaflet is all important – it conveys the quality and ethos of your business.  It needs to grab people’s attention when it may be competing with other leaflets in a leaflet rack or on a counter top.  Design – including colours, font styles, paper quality, size and layout - is therefore all important and Ridgeway can help you with all of these decisions.

Beyond the design of the leaflet, the content is of course just as important – short and clear statements, bullet points – the fewer number of words you can use, the better.  Images paint a thousand words and so the imagery you use needs to do just that.

And don’t forget the call to action – getting the reader to do what you’d like them to do might mean including a special offer for example.  Make their contact with you easy – include a map if they need to visit and ensure your details are clearly displayed.

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