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National Campaign for Courtesy

Do you ever wonder where the most courteous place is in the UK?  In today’s busy world can be short on the small courtesies that a few decades ago would have been commonplace, so isn’t it heart-warming when you notice that someone has gone that extra mile with a ‘thank you’ or a smile?

Well, to encourage a more courteous world, every October the National Campaign for Courtesy, a registered charity, awards a town, village or city in the UK with the annual ‘Top Town’ award.  This recognises places which have demonstrated their commitment to courtesy through their public services and retail establishments.  Previous winners include Shrewsbury, Epsom and Skipton in North Yorkshire – but who will it be this year?

Started in 1986, the charity has an impressive list of patrons and is committed to promoting good manners, respect for self and others, courtesy for all and rejection of anti-social behaviour.

The National Campaign for Courtesy has been a customer of Ridgeway Press for a while, but recently needed new stationery and referral cards.

Liz Hall, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, was extremely pleased with the quality, speed and price, ‘Ridgeway Press have supported us for many years with an efficient and cost-effective service always with professionalism and good humour.  I cannot speak more highly of Ridgeway – you are all brilliant!’

And, of course, courteous – thank you Liz!

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