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Exceptional quality and attention to detail


Claviga Ltd

Tony Keck is a director at Claviga Ltd, an innovative consulting and training company focusing on sales, leadership, organisation change and people development.  They run training programmes all over the world and rely on the right material being at the right location at the right time.

“We’ve used Ridgeway Press for about 10 years and have always been pleased with the service,” Tony said.  “We produced a lot of our materials in-house until about 3 years ago, when things changed due to the retirement of my business partner.  A meeting with Simon convinced me that to outsource the printing and the collation to Ridgeway would make the process more streamlined and more reliable.”  The collation of the material is an important step in the production – the requirements for the materials can differ greatly and have to be ordered and boxed correctly for each of the training courses – it has to be completely accurate.

And it has proved to be a very successful partnership – Tony said, “There has never been a problem, the Ridgeway team is always there when needed, the quality is excellent and the material is always collated perfectly.”

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