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Beyond the call of duty

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David Cure

David Cure runs a busy print management agency and has been a client of Ridgeway Press since 2004.  In that time, Ridgeway has produced all kinds of printed material for David’s clients, including brochures, calendars, leaflets, folders and stationery.

‘To say they have gone beyond the call of duty over the years is probably an understatement,’ says David, when recalling an instance when some brochures for a cricket event had to be delivered to the island of Jersey but missed the boat.  ‘Simon drove overnight from Wiltshire through the channel tunnel and northern France, before taking the ferry across from St Malo to Jersey, to get the brochures to us and to make sure our event was a success.  It was amazing customer service, putting the success of his client above his own company’s profits.’

David also endorsed the ‘can-do’ attitude of Ridgeway.  ‘If they say they will do something, they always get it done,’ he said.

He has approached Ridgeway a number of times with complex requirements that are difficult to do, but Ridgeway always finds a way of achieving what is wanted.  ‘If I’ve got anything that is particularly out of the ordinary, then Ridgeway Press is where I go to.  They have such deep knowledge and experience that they are able to find a way of getting things done.’

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