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Fantastic service

Hungerford & Marlborough Adviser.jpg

Hungerford & Marlborough Adviser

Brian Williams runs The Weekly Adviser – a free weekly guide to events, shops and services for Hungerford and Marlborough and the surrounding area.

‘Through using other suppliers, I’ve come to realise what a fantastic service Ridgeway provides, going above and beyond any other print company.  We send our pdf to Ridgeway who check to make sure there are no issues with it (which has happened!) and then they get the 6,500 printed copies back to us in around 22 hours. This means that our door-to-door delivery service can crack on with the deliveries as it is vital that adverts, particularly events, can be viewed in good time. ‘

Brian is certain that Ridgeway provides excellent service: 'Simon keeps on top of things and, if there is a delay, he will actually deliver the magazine to us himself'.

Believing Ridgeway to be reliable, cost-effective and professional, Brian added, ‘I would certainly recommend Ridgeway – I can honestly say they alleviate any and all anxiety about getting the delivery to you as promptly as possible; they are friendly and cheerful and always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to be of help.’

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